Happy 2020! Now, about Windows 7…

Happy New Year to all. We hope everyone back back to work rested and ready for the challenges this year will bring. First and foremost, let’s talk Windows 7. This Operating System from Microsoft goes into End of Life on January 14, 2020. This means that this Operating System will not receive essential updates, includingContinue reading “Happy 2020! Now, about Windows 7…”

IT over the holidays

As Christmas fast approaches, it is easy to focus on doing your day-to-day job, counting down the days until the holiday starts, and not consider what happens to the IT over the holidays. If you work with in a smaller organisation, maybe you are already resided to the fact you will be on call overContinue reading “IT over the holidays”


There are commonly two trains of thoughts on cybersecurity in an organisation. From the IT side, the view is often ‘security is everyone’s responsibility’, whilst from the individuals perspective ‘the IT should protect me from the security stuff so I can just get on and do my job!’. Whilst both views are entirely valid, theyContinue reading “Cybersecurity!”